Is It Time For A Business Telephone Upgrade?

Smaller companies across Detroit are coming to the realization that landline-based telephone systems really haven’t changed in the past thirty years. Landline infrastructure isn’t what it used to be, and the available features for traditional phone systems have not grown.

So what’s the answer.

It’s called VoIP telephony.

What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol.

In simple terms, VoIP is a telephone system that runs over the new, internet infrastructure instead of the old landlines.

But there’s a lot more to VoIP than the infrastructure that carries the signal from caller to caller.

What’s the Big Deal About VoIP

VoIP technology allows your small Detroit company to:

  • Have the professional telephone presence of your bigger competitors.
  • Get predictable telephone costs instead of up and down telephone bills.
  • Take advantage of modern telephony features. (We’ll talk about those later.)
  • Scale easily up and down to accommodate new users or seasonal business trends.
  • Cut long-distance costs to near-zero.
  • Use smartphones as an integrated part of your professional business system.

What Features Are Available with VoIP?

Because VoIP runs on the fast, new infrastructure of the internet and is natively integrated with computer and cloud technology, an exciting set of new features for modern business are made available.

  • Voicemail
  • On hold music
  • Automated call routing
  • Unified messaging (voicemail to email)
  • Automated attendant
  • Fax-to-email
  • Call reporting and statistics
  • Call recording
  • Conference bridge
  • Video conferencing
  • Call forwarding
  • 3-Way conferencing

Is VoIP Technology Tested and Reliable?

For some small Detroit businesses, the switch to VoIP feels risky because they aren’t familiar with the technology. After all, they’ve always used landline or cellular telephones.

But have they?

Nearly every large corporation that you call – or calls you – is now using VoIP technology.

That’s right.

The majority of mid-size to enterprise-level companies are already using VoIP technology for their inbound and outbound calls.

So, yes.

The calls are clear, the technology is fast, and the only difference you’ll notice is how much money you save and how much more you will be able to do with your new VoIP system.

What Does the Voyager Team Do to Assist You with VoIP Telephone Systems?

  • Advice on systems and VoIP phones
  • VoIP phone system implementation
  • VoIP phone system configuration
  • VoIP phone security
  • VoIP phone operational and efficiency monitoring
  • VoIP phone support and troubleshooting
  • VoIP vendor management

Let’s get started. We’re happy to answer your questions about VoIP phones or help you work through any issues you are experiencing with your current VoIP solution.