Want More Flexibility, Computing Power, and Mobility for Your Workflow?

You’re housing almost all of your workflow on your in-house computers and servers.

What’s the problem with that?

Well, nothing…and everything.

Right now it’s working for you, but as you’re likely already discovering that replacement hardware is expensive to buy and expensive to maintain.

You’re also coming to the conclusion that your competition is gaining some significant traction by leveraging cloud assets.

So, you want in on the action – and the profits.

The Voyager team will help you get there.

But first, we have to answer some questions.

Is Moving Data and Workflow to the Cloud Safe?

The Voyager cloud specialists work diligently to ensure that your assets are as safe in a cloud environment as they are in your facility. Many times, the cloud offers an even more secure environment than your servers and computers offer.

How can that be?

Cloud providers such as Microsoft and Amazon know that their datacenters have to meet the highest specifications of security and compliance if Detroit businesses like yours are going to put their faith – and their business data – in their hands. As a result, these industry giants lock down their datacenters and update their cybersecurity protocols regularly to ensure that the data housed in their facilities is undisturbed.

With the datacenter AND Voyager IT security professionals monitoring your cloud-based data and workflow, you’re in safe hands.

What Cloud Services Does Voyager Offer to Detroit Enterprises?

  • Office 365
  • Virtual Machines
  • Gsuite
  • Web Hosting
  • Hosted VOIP

Will Moving My Data or Elements of My Workflow to the Cloud Require Me to Shut Down Operations or Significantly Disrupt Operations?

No, our cloud specialists have developed protocols that allow us to mirror systems and do data/workflow migrations without significant disruption to a company’s daily work. Your employees can go about their daily tasks while we make the required changes in the background. Once everything is ready, we “throw the switch.”

What Will the Noticeable Changes Be If We Move Some or All of Our Data/Workflow to the Cloud?

  • Faster Processing – Cloud resources are generally faster than on-site resources.
  • Mobile Capability – Your work will be available to you from any internet-connected device.
  • Device Agnostic – PC, Mac, Android, Desktop, or Mobile Device – It doesn’t matter.
  • Continuity of User Experience – Leave your work on one device and pick it up on another seamlessly.
  • Simpler Collaboration – Connect with co-workers and work together on projects, documents, and spreadsheets

What Other IT Services Does Voyager Provide?

Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive, flat-rate, managed approach to IT support or you need to outsource a few IT functions, our team has you covered.