How Well Does Your Business Tolerate Downtime and Lost Productivity?

No business leader wants his/her employees sitting around doing nothing because the network, server, or cloud assets have crashed.

Unfortunately, it happens far more often than one would think.

The Voyager team has an IT support approach that will enable you to avoid unplanned IT downtime.

It’s called Managed IT Services.

Managed IT Services is a comprehensive, proactive IT support model that packages IT management, maintenance, operational monitoring, and security into an easily-budgeted monthly subscription payment.

We call our Managed IT Services offering “TotalCare.”

What Industries in Detroit Are Currently Benefiting from Our TotalCare Managed IT Services Packages?

  • Professional Services(Lawyers, Accounting) Professional Services Firms have a growing need for security, compliance, and data management. We make sure that our professional services clients have continuous, mobile access to their data and that their IT environment is mirrored in the cloud for business continuity capability.
  • Medical (Doctors, Nursing Homes / Rehab) Medical facilities and private practices have the unique challenges of securing EPHI and complying with HIPAA while making the EMR/EHR readily and securely available to office staff. We help our medical clients meet the twenty-nine basic HIPAA policy requirements and ensure that their systems are optimized for the best in office efficiency.
  • Cannabis Industry (Dispensaries, Grow Facilities) Although the cannabis industry is relatively new, there is very little doubt among industry leaders that more and more regulation will be put in place to govern the industry. As a result, cannabis business leaders partner with Voyager to ensure that their systems are secured, compliant, and flexible enough to adapt to market changes and legislative demands.

Don’t See Your Industry on the List? – Not a Problem! – We’ve Got You Covered!

The industries that we currently serve have extremely demanding IT environments, have high cybersecurity requirements and are subject to stringent compliance from industry and legislation.

Because we successfully serve clients within these challenging industries, we are more than confident that we can tackle anything your business technology throws at us.

Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive, flat-rate, managed approach to IT support or you need to outsource a few IT functions, our team has you covered.