Making the Right Cybersecurity Choices Now Could Save Your Company

With all the hype and news stories surrounding hacks, ransomware, and data breaches, it’s easy to get cynical and to wonder if the risk is overstated.

So here’s the truth.

  1. There are bad guys that are targeting you and your business – Have you ever gotten a spam email asking you to provide account usernames and passwords? Have you ever clicked on an email, only to be taken to an unexpected or sketchy web page? You guessed it. You’ve been targeted. We’ve all been.
  2. Sometimes the bad guys are successful at disrupting your workflow or accessing your data – What do they do with that data? It’s usually sold on the dark web to other criminals who try to find ways to monetize it.
  3. A data breach can have serious business consequences – It’s not difficult to imagine the impact of a data breach on your clients and your company’s reputation. Once you have a reputation for not being able to protect your clients’ confidential information, sales begin to dry up.

What Does the Voyager Team Do to Fortify Detroit Companies Against Cybercriminals?

  • Securing endpoints
  • Configuring firewalls
  • Monitoring and managing traffic through the firewall
  • Email security
  • Data encryption
  • Data backup
  • Password management
  • Updates, upgrades, and patches
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Antivirus software
  • Mobile device and BYO device security strategies
  • 24/7 remote network security monitoring
  • Fast response and remediation of issues

When is the last time you had a professional IT security audit done?

We know that you don’t want simply to throw money at an invisible threat like cybercrime.

  • You want facts
  • You want choices
  • You want an action plan
  • You want measurable results

What the Voyager IT security professionals do is not a mystery. We can back up every cybersecurity recommendation we make with numbers and analysis. From that analysis, we are able to present a cybersecurity roadmap to you. The end result of following that roadmap is a demonstrably more secure IT environment for your employees and your workflow.
The process begins with an IT security assessment. This audit of your security posture gives us the baseline numbers we need to determine where you are vulnerable and what should be put in place to fortify your defenses against cybercriminals.

Let’s get started. Contact us now to set up an appointment for your IT security audit.