How Well Does Your IT Support Provider Know Your Workflow? – Take a Look at TotalCare

Caring for the IT support needs of a Detroit company that wants to scale requires more than a generic IT strategy.

It takes an entire team of IT professionals that take the time to understand your processes and workflow then design an IT program that best supports you the best.

The Voyager team has the experience and the expertise to tailor-fit IT solutions to your business – so you don’t end up spending more money than is necessary or don’t suffer from a lack of IT capacity.

How Do We Customize Your IT Environment?

VoIP technology allows your small Detroit company to:

  • Integrate – making your IT assets (hardware, software, and cloud) “talk” to each other
  • Automate – saving you time by eliminating repetitive manual tasks
  • Secure – locking down all the endpoints and WiFi-enabled devices
  • Virtualize – using the cloud and virtual machines to save money and leverage mobile workflow

How Does Custom IT Support from Voyager Help You?

VoIP technology allows your small Detroit company to:

  • Competitive Advantage – Use the same IT assets that your larger competitors are using.
  • Enhanced Communications – Stay in touch with all of your customers, employees, partners, and vendors with modern, integrated communications tools.
  • Improved Customer Service – Meet your clients’ growing expectations for better communications, faster service, and modern, tech-enabled transactions.
  • Streamlined Operations – Save time, money, and resources and increase efficiency/productivity at the same time.

What is Managed IT Services?

Managed IT Services is a comprehensive, proactive approach to IT support strategy. This IT support model stands in stark contrast to the old, break/fix model and allows you to have always-on IT support within an easily-budgeted, monthly subscription payment.

  • IT Management
  • IT Consulting
  • IT Maintenance
  • IT Help Desk
  • IT Security
  • IT Operational Monitoring

Our TotalCare Managed IT Services offerings are customized to the exact parameters needed to support your workflow today and your growth plans for tomorrow.

Leveraging Advancements in Technology to Simplify Business Processes.

  • Enjoy anytime, anywhere access to all your files, notes, and applications.
  • Minimize issues that would otherwise negatively impact productivity and cost a lot of money in unexpected repairs.
  • Improve performance tracking with automatically populated dashboards that graphically present key performance indicators.
  • Enhance management processes by leveraging better software, integrations, automation, or technology training.

We’ve Got You Covered! – TotalCare – Managed IT Services for Growing Detroit Businesses

Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive, flat-rate, managed approach to IT support or you need to outsource a few IT functions, our team has you covered.