Are You Taking Advantage of Executive-Level Technology Advice for Detroit Companies?

Information. It’s what your business needs to stay on track, take advantage of opportunities, and scale to your next plateau of success.

You already have a lot of great advisors on your side.

You have:

  • Accountants
  • Business Growth Strategists
  • Business Continuity
  • Tax consultants
  • Bankers
  • Insurance Advisors
  • Business Mentors
  • Legal Professionals

Even though all of these are professionals in their field and are able to give you advice about specific aspects of your business, they can’t provide the information you need about the IT systems that are the foundation of your business processes.

What does a Voyager IT Consultant Do?

A Voyager IT consultant is the person you turn to for the data you need in making IT-impacted decisions. And because almost every facet of your business is tied to technology, there are a LOT of decisions that are impacted by either the capability or cost of technology. Decisions like…

  • Building or moving to new facilities
  • Expanding current facilities
  • Expanding the product line
  • Utilizing a work-from-home strategy
  • Leveraging satellite locations or multiple locations
  • Dramatically increasing or decreasing your number of employees
  • Hardware and software purchases
  • Device lifespan planning
  • IT budget strategies

Each of these decisions – and many more – are impacted by how technology works and the expense of the technology needed to take the steps you are considering. That’s where an executive IT consultant comes into the picture. Voyager IT strategists use the data and analytics at their fingertips to help you get to where you want to go.

What Difference Can IT Strategy Make in a Small Detroit Business?

Smart leaders hire people who have talents that they themselves do not possess. In return, those employees or outsourced consultants enable the business leader to make better decisions and guide his/her company through its next stage of growth.

Voyager IT consultants (also sometimes referred to as VCIO – virtual Chief Information Officer) enable Detroit small businesses to:

  • Find the technology they need to take advantage of opportunities
  • Budget effectively for day-to-day technology and technology improvements
  • Make the most of the technology the company currently has
  • Collaborate more efficiently
  • Improve efficiency
  • Drive higher levels of productivity

The best decisions are made with the best information. Let’s talk about what information you need to take your next steps in business.